LIBRARIES: Please think before you decide to close it

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I have lived at Moulton Seas End for the past 13 years, using the library in Holbeach on a regular basis.

I foster underprivileged children and the most exciting thing for them is to go to the library, open an account and be able to choose their own books to learn to read. They also love the DVDs.

If Holbeach library closed I would not be able to use the Spalding library due to the distance and time we all have – this would be a massive loss to us all as an ever-expanding family.

It should not be about making cut backs, we are all doing enough of that.

Please think before you decide to shut such a friendly place where we all go to broaden our horizons, deep in books, making this sad world we live in an enjoyable place through the eye of books.

Jackie Tilbury

Moulton Seas End