LIBRARIES: More signed than voted for executive

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Apparently, according to the recent report undertaken by Sheffield Hallam University, who were employed to engage or consult with the public over the fate of Lincolnshire Libraries, it has been stated on public record, that 23,000 people in Lincolnshire have signed various petitions to oppose the proposed cuts.

Around 9,000 of those specifically signed in opposition to the withdrawal of funds for the Deepings library.

This has been cited as one of the largest petition figures of its kind in the UK by a considerable amount.

This should be seen as a huge achievement, especially when compared to the measly figure of 9,757 people, who turned out to vote for the nine executive members in the 2013 county election.

As William Hussey, campaigner and author, commented: “Over 13,000 more people signed the petition rejecting the council’s proposals than voted for the entire executive body combined.

“The mandate for those rejecting cuts is therefore stronger than that of the councillors deciding the issue and their democratically stronger voices must be heard.”

I would ask readers to urge Lincolnshire County Council to come forward and confirm that they will now listen to the facts presented to them and act accordingly, and to secure the fate of the Deepings Library as a fully funded Tier two or one library, as requested by their electorate.

This is confirmation indeed, that Lincolnshire County Council are not at liberty to dispose of publicly-owned services as they wish.

Helen Morgan

Market Deeping