LIBRARIES: I can’t pay my tax as I’m going on a Med cruise!

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I regret I have decided I can no longer pay my council tax as I do not have enough money in my current account.

I do, of course, have a fair bit saved up in my cash ISA, but this is my holiday budget and is ‘ring fenced’ for a cruise around the Med.

I somehow doubt this excuse will wash with the (Lincolnshire) County Council, but this is the sort of cock-eyed logic they are using to ‘save’ money by making savage cuts to our library service.

Apparently, making our experienced librarians redundant will save money, as the cost of redundancies does not come out of the library budget!

By all means, protect education services by promising not to cut spending, but surely our libraries are our biggest educational resource within the community?

The council could have saved a great deal of money by asking local communities for ideas for both saving and raising money, rather than pay Sheffield University to facilitate the so-called ‘consultation’. Whatever way you slice the cake, it is still our money you are spending and we need our libraries maintained by qualified staff.

Jayne Stevens

Deeping St James