LEVEL CROSSINGS: Will it take a death to get some action?

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I feel strongly that it should be brought to your attention that the continuing lowering of level crossings around Spalding for no obvious reason is becoming a life threating issue.

On Monday I received a phone call from my mother’s neighbour stating that an ambulance had to be called as she was showing symptoms of another heart attack (she had one last year).

Thankfully I work locally and so was able to leave work immediately. On arrival at the junction of West Elleo and the Pinchbeck Road, I could see the ambulance making its way towards the Woolram Wygate Level crossing.

Whilst not quite right behind, I wasn’t a million miles behind the ambulance but I ground to a halt outside The Royal Mail Cart having become struck in traffic waiting for the level crossing to rise.

Up ahead I could see the flashing blue lights of the ambulance trying to get through with no success and so have to turn around.

As I am sitting in the car I am watching the desperate measures the ambulance crew were having to try and find an alternative route in to, what is essentially, the entire west side of Spalding (bearing in mind Woolram Wygate was closed, as was Park Road, Winsover Road and Hawthorne Bank). All the while I am thinking this vehicle and its crew are the difference between my mother surviving and getting the care she needs or not.

Thankfully, both of us made it to her and she was airlifted out to Lincoln Hospital where she is making a full recovery following her heart attack. But this is no thanks to the powers that be for allowing such work to continue without the facility for emergency vehicles to access the entire west side of Spalding.

If I am not mistaken there is a huge drive for more building of houses on Woolram Wygate as well as the bottom of Broadway to meet up with The Raceground.

As an aside, and to compound this entire issue, I was later told that somebody commented on the fact that they saw an ambulance trying to get through – the crossing was down for approximately 15 minutes and no train went through.

Is it going to take somebody to actually die from a lack of emergency services being able to access one entire side of Spalding before something is done? If so, I certainly hope it is nobody in my family.


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