LETTER: We’ll continue quietly on our project

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It is no surprise to the directors of the Nene Marine CIC to read the negative press from county, district and parish councillor Brewis or that of the chairman of Sutton Bridge Parish Council, Coun Brandon-King.

It is for this reason that the Nene Marine CIC has chosen to work quietly over the past 11 years to achieve their aims as we are entitled to do rather than be involved in the vindictive rhetoric of the elected representatives of the town who seek to undermine and diminish the reputations of hard working people who have spent many years bringing the marina project to fruition.

The Nene Marine Committee have worked very closely with several agencies and authorities, have met all of the required criteria and have obtained their CIC status and funding through merit and hard work.

Peter Harvey recently attended a meeting of the parish council to advise them of the project.

Already over 540ft of mooring space has been booked (and a note to the authors, boats come in different sizes!)

The directors of Nene Marine CIC have claimed no salaries or expenses. The two elected members (who both claim from the public purse) and their associates should in future refrain from judging others by their own questionable standards.

Directors of Nene Marine CIC

Sutton Bridge