LETTER: There was no U-turn over academy travel plans

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I would like to clarify the position on the front page story of the Spalding Guardian last week (‘U-turn made over school’).

It is not the case that we have made a U-turn over Crowland parents having to pay for their children to travel to the new University Academy Holbeach.

Although the policy generally in the county is to offer transport to the nearest secondary school over three miles, it was our clear intention at the time of the consultation on the proposals that in the event that the Crowland school closed, we would offer transport to all new secondary age pupils to both the nearest school (The Deepings) and to the Holbeach academy, since that school was proposed to take over responsibility for the education of pupils living in Crowland.

Additionally, transport has also been authorised for all children who gain admission to any of the Spalding secondary schools.

The above entitlement is for all new secondary age children living in Crowland (and the old Crowland designated transport area) and is not restricted to siblings of existing pupils at these schools.

These transport rights are being widely and clearly communicated to parents of pupils, particularly in Year 6, and also to other parents and the schools in the area.

We are committed to ensuring that parents in the Crowland area have access to a range of good school choices for their children.

COUN Mrs Patricia


Executive councillor for

Children’s Services

l EDITOR: We have a copy of an email sent on September 16 from the county council to a parent, saying children from Crowland would not be entitled to transport to Holbeach.

On September 21, the council confirmed this to us.

Thirty minutes before last week’s Spalding Guardian deadline we received an email saying that additional provision has been agreed for Crowland children.

U-turn? Make your mind up.