LETTER: There is a Holbeach festival

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I’M writing in response to the article concerning the lack of a flower festival in Holbeach.

I am amazed that members of the Holbeach Parish Council had not realised that, last year, All Saints’ Church put on a major arts festival in September for six days, which included some beautiful floral arrangements, as well as paintings, craft work, quilting exhibits, embroidery, lace making, photography and stained glass workshops to name but a few of the displays.

Everyone who came agreed that the church looked wonderful.

Then there were recitals every lunchtime; a variety of concerts to suit all tastes in the evenings; and the local schools were certainly involved, with visits to the church and a poetry competition.

Posters and flyers were everywhere around the town and articles appeared in the local press.

It was so successful that it will be repeated this year, October 11-16, so we do hope that all members of the parish council will support our initiative and realise that the church is playing its part in the local community.


Holbeach Arts Festival committee member