LETTER: Some English people who have worked a lifetime can’t get the benefits they need

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I AM writing in response to the article ‘Sick man goes on anti-Government hunger strike’ and I look in disbelief and utter dismay on immigrants gone mad.

Why does Mr Gutmanis believe he is entitled to a benefit that is for people who have disabilities inflicted on them? The Government is trying to get people who need these benefits off them because it believes it’s too easy. Why does Mr Gutmanis think he’s entitled to benefits when he has been here only two years? Some English people have worked a lifetime and can’t get the benefits they are entitled to.

Why does Mr Gutmanis think he is entitled to disability living allowance when he is suffering from HIV and hepatitis C – both infections which can be caused by the use of injecting drugs? Why should our Government have to pay for his choice of life?

If he was to dress in a black and white prison suit and demonstrate outside his country’s Government offices on hunger strike what would they do? It definitely wouldn’t be give him benefits meant for people with severe disabilities.

This is a classic example of a country gone mad. We have enough debt and people to look after without taking on ex-drug addicts and unemployed from other countries.

If this man can’t afford to live here without assistance he should be sent home to his family.

And he wants to set up a charity for people who are like him. We have enough professionally-run organisations and do not need one run by someone who can’t even speak English, which gets me to my final point – how does he think he can claim benefits in a country where he can’t speak the language?

My wife is from Poland and could speak English in her first year here and was word perfect by the second – so come on.