LETTER: Since when has Russia been a member of the EU?

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IS there such little news in Spalding and surrounds that you devote a quarter of a page publicising the plight of a drug-addled disease-ridden Russian immigrant who has been refused benefits – something this Government department has got right at long last?

Something I am not clear about is that I assumed citizens of an EU country had a ‘right’ to move to any EU country. Since when has Russia been a member?

I found it slightly distressing that you would give this person such publicity, no doubt it would be reciprocated with a UK citizen living in Russia in similar circumstances? Very doubtful.

I have spoken to others about this man and their thoughts are the same.

The gist being to send him from whence he came.

The thought that the UK is a bottomless pit of money for any eastern European has got to be stopped immediately.

I doubt this will be printed in case it offends the Liberal, tree huggers and open-toed sandal wearers, and we wouldn’t want to upset anyone would we?


Wargate Field Lane