LETTER: ‘Sainsbury’s is in need of a shake up’

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I THINK another supermarket in Spalding town centre might be a good idea, and shake up Sainsbury’s (‘Supermarket sites up for discussion’, LFP June 14).

Does anyone else bemoan the recent loss of a basket-only check-out since the new self-service check-outs were introduced?

If you oppose the new ones either because you find them confusing, simply like the idea of being served by a person or oppose them in principle because they reduce the number of employees, then being stuck behind someone with a full trolley is not the way for a major retailer to retain custom.

I’m told there are only ten Sainsbury’s in the whole country that don’t have a basket-only check-out. Apparently you can take your basket to the kiosk counter but there is no sign to tell you that.

Sainsbury’s chief executive Justin King has taken six weeks to respond to me and then only after being chased.

Sainsbury’s definitely need a wake up call!


Patriot Close