LETTER: Regeneration plan is all very confusing

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In response to your front page story “Don’t raise their hopes” (Spalding Guardian, June 16).

Is there any wonder why the public are getting confused over the proposed regeneration plan of Spalding?

Personally, I think Richard Garvie has a vision of the town – everyone is entitled to their views. I agree Spalding needs much, but why has it taken so long to let our town get in such a mess?

It is all very well for South Holland District Council to criticise but if the council was more open and shared its vision of a five or ten-year plan to regenerate the town there would be no need for all the concern that plans could be put in jeopardy as a result of Mr Garvie’s dealings.

We see reports that the council is looking at redeveloping the bus station with an undisclosed company. This is bound to get people asking questions and putting their own ideas forward. There is no need for a secret agenda.

We need more public consultation and we might see a worthy mandate for regeneration as a result of people working together.

Also we have had the rail freight interchange proposal that has got a lot of people very concerned and where did this idea come from? With Spalding being only one of the preferred sites could this all be pie in the sky?

Again it was a council official who claimed the rail hub would provide up to 4,000 jobs for migrant workers. I thought everyone was equal when it comes to job applications.

There is also a report on another supermarket that could be interested in opening in Spalding. This will be the final nail in the coffin for the town centre and market traders.

Do we need another supermarket in town? No. With Sainbury’s plans for an extension going ahead surely this would cater for the town’s needs along with the other food outlets we already have?

I can remember how Peterborough was developed and how Queensgate was cleverly formed behind the original city centre.

This is where Spalding should have been 25 years ago instead of having a patchwork quilt go at it now.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road