LETTER: Railway Lane needs a bus

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HOW I agree that Coun Brewis does not do anything unless it is in the limelight.

Over a year ago I asked him if he could do anything to see about getting a bus route to Railway Lane South. I was told to get a Connect bus. Railway Lane South has no amenities – it is out on a limb. There are several elderly people and people with children who would be grateful if the bus could come to this area. It would be an easy detour for them. To say get Connect rather defeats the object.

Also this area of Sutton Bridge is in need of sorting out. The houses are not looked after, gardens are a disgrace, some people are running a scrap metal business from a house.

Is it a very worn down area of Sutton Bridge. I expect this is because it is really not in Sutton Bridge where it would be noticed. The council does not bother.

Maybe some time Coun Brewis and co will visit and act.


Sutton Bridge