LETTER: Poking fun at MP was sick joke

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RE “Which MP do you find most attractive?” (Lincolnshire Free Press, June 7).

So someone thinks it is ‘fun’ to assess our MPs on their physical appearance and how sexy they are. Is the ‘gentleman’ responsible aware that John Hayes has a facial abnormality due to an accident?

If he thinks that is a joke he must be sick in the head.

Many people, including myself, know the real value of our MP. He is always in the thick of any problem his people may have, large or small, every letter is answered.

As for his face, in close up it is gentle and kindly like his nature. What he is like to sleep with is the business of his wife. Myself I only ever slept with my husband.

As for Mr Osborne, all I care about is his financial rank.

Cheeky is not a word I would use to describe this website. Revolting, I suggest.

In the same edition you published a letter from someone praising Mr Hayes’ work. I doubt whether this lady is interested in sleeping with him either.

It would seem the Sunday Telegraph has the right idea.

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