LETTER: Pinchbeck Carnival ticked the boxes, so thanks to everyone

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ONCE again Pinchbeck Carnival Association proved that with positive thinking and combined efforts you can produce an event that will appeal to almost everyone.

This year the committee took a huge gamble, deciding not to have a dance but to change the talent show to Saturday evening and present a children’s play on the Friday night.

We had our reservations – would we get a paying audience for a play held in a marquee and would people enter a talent show for the third year? The answer to both questions was an emphatic yes.

Children and parents enjoyed Act II’s presentation of Whooo’s Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?, together with a medley of musical songs superbly sung by other young members of the group. The phrase ‘the show must go on’ came to mind as outside the marquee the players had hail, rain, thunder and lightening to compete against!

Amazingly the weather changed completely for Saturday and the carnival was bathed in sunshine

A special thank you must go the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight which gave us a wonderful fly pass with the Lancaster thrilling the crowd as it passed over three times.

There are so many people who deserve a mention but it would take an entire page to list them – we had dancers, singers, musicians, and exhibitors of every kind not to mention the young people who thoroughly entertained us by entering our talent competition.

In this day and age where success is invariably measured by how much money one makes, Pinchbeck Carnival Association can rarely make any boasts. However, if you could judge success by how you bring communities together and put smiles on people’s faces, I believe Pinchbeck Carnival, this year ticked every box.


Vice chairman

Pinchbeck Carnival Association