LETTER: Pay and display charges will turn Spalding into ghost town

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I RUN a business in New Road, Spalding, and am amazed at the suggestion of customers having to pay while using on-street parking areas that already have time restrictions.

While I appreciate that at the moment many workers are parking their vehicles all day in these designated areas because of the lack of a warden – which in itself is stopping locals just nipping into town – I strongly believe the majority do not expect to pay for on-street parking.

Limited time parking areas should remain just that, a place where if you want to ‘nip to the bank and buy a paper’ you should be able to pull in and go within the time scale. If you flaunt these rules you are issued with a hefty fine.

Yes, we need a warden, but no we do not need to be charging for on-street parking.

Encourage drivers to use the on-street parking for short visits, and that potentially would give the council more revenue from the pay and display car parks.

As with most of the schemes that come to ‘press’ this is probably another that is ‘cut and dry’ before we hear about it. In which case maybe a scheme where people who use the on-street pay and display can redeem the payment if they spend a specified amount at one of the businesses in that area?

This scheme needs to be thought about carefully before Spalding becomes a ghost town once and for all.

I hope businesses and shoppers think about these plans and air their views – one way or the other – before it is too late.

Once these schemes are in place I am sure that there will be no going back.