LETTER: Our taxes go towards Government workers’ pensions ‘ordinary’ people only dream of

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WITH reference to the article on page six of the Lincolnshire Free Press, June 1.

Unfortunately Mr Rustidge does not live in the real world. Not because he is a teacher but because he and other civil servants were mollycoddled by the previous Government.

I was on a teacher parent committee many years ago for Gonville school in Croydon.

What surprised me then but doesn’t now, is that teachers live in a different world to the rest of us.

I will explain. Many teachers then had absolutely no idea about industry and kept banging on about their pupils becoming computer addicts.

The last Government bought the civil servants’ votes with ludicrous pension schemes that the private sector could not afford.

I discount teachers from this remark. It applies to civil servants who do not in the main create wealth for the country unlike manufacturing that makes something to be sold offshore thereby creating wealth for the UK.

I think the public is now aware that a large percentage of their taxes go on paying these pensions that the ordinary person in the street can only dream of.

It should also be noted that the union leaders have a very comfortable lifestyle (I was once a union steward in the engineering union).

This country is in serious trouble and if these clowns want to drag us further down the road like Greece then they had better watch out, because we are becoming a divided society ie those that produce something and those that don’t.

I am now 70 and still work. I have a sister-in-law – she and her husband were both civil servants, and at 65 they swan around having retired at 55 with holidays that many “ordinary” people could not afford.


Washway Road