LETTER: Noise from playing field not an issue

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I was so pleased on reading that the Whaplode Drove Playing Field Committee was providing more facilities (Lincolnshire Free Press, June 7). That is, until I read someone had complained and objected. Why? I wondered.

I have lived in my present home for over 50 years and the site it is built on was originally part of the field which became the playing field. There is a hedge between my property and the playing field so I live closer than anyone else in the village.

Children making a noise whilst playing doesn’t bother me. I get much more noise from noisy motorcycles and cars. Children are much safer in a playing field than playing on the roads.

People in this village have worked hard to raise money to pay for the children’s playing field and rightly deserve thanks and credit for it.

I attended a meeting in Spalding about the playing field and was asked if I had any objections. Having had children of my own I had none. I did ask that there would be no buildings at all near my home and was promised that there would be none. They have always kept that promise. The children’s area is nowhere near any home so why the complaint?


Chapelgate Road

Whaplode Drove