LETTER: Members are willing to help enforce current parking laws

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I WRITE with reference to the article on the front of the Free Press on Tuesday, June 21, regarding the council’s plan to charge for street parking in the town centre.

When asked for comment on behalf of Spalding and Chamber, I misinterpreted the issue and clearly conveyed the wrong message in supporting the plan. For this I apologise.

What I do support strongly is the need to enforce the “limited time” aspect of street parking, something which is not policed in any way at present.

During our March meeting we had a lengthy discussion regarding this problem. The consensus was that there is often a lack of parking in the town centre, and a significant contributor to this is people using street parking while at work. My initial reaction was that making a small charge for the parking would eradicate such behaviour but on further reflection, it will not.

We at Spalding Area Chamber feel the solution is ensure that limited time (free) parking is effectively enforced. We feel this could easily be self funding and indeed generate revenue from penalty charges collected, without the need for parking meters and the additional administration they would bring.

We even have volunteer members that would gladly donate their time to this cause, and we would consider getting involved in administering a scheme if practical.

In the report to the Highways Transport and Technology Scrutiny Committee regarding Civil Parking Enforcement for their meeting yesterday, “the procurement of the parking enforcement and parking administrative services from external service suppliers” is mentioned and I feel this needs to be questioned.

Further discussion is clearly required, and I intend to liaise with the Highways Transport and Technology Scrutiny Committee on behalf of businesses and shoppers.


President, Spalding & District Area Chamber of Commerce