LETTER: Living in the UK does not entitle a free ride

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Regarding the story ‘Sick man goes on anti-Government hunger strike’ I feel terribly sorry for this man. His present state must cause him much stress and worry.

However, as a Russian migrant, obviously struggling to hold down a job and therefore contribute to the British economy, as a ‘reformed drug abuser’ for the last two months, following a 25-year habit, I have to ask why should we support him in his protest?

He has yet to prove his right to live here and therefore enjoy the benefits of living here.

Any migrant worker who has demonstrated they have contributed to our economy and are continuing to contribute, who have acceptable standards of lifestyle and morals should be treated as fairly as any one else.

And thankfully there are plenty of these people out there. Goodness knows, hard working migrants have kept many businesses afloat in the past ten years.

But, I struggle to understand why Nauris feels he has a right to drain our limited, finite resources.

He must understand that living in the UK should not entitle him to a free ride.