LETTER: Johnson Hospital provides a very good service

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I WOULD like to express my thanks for the brilliant service I received from the staff at the minor injuries unit of the Johnson Community Hospital.

About six weeks ago I had a fall, resulting in a nasty arm injury. I went to the minor injuries unit, where the staff cleaned it up and assessed it but thought I may need a skin graft, so sent me to Boston Pilgrim Hospital. I was seen by a doctor who decided, after barely even looking at it, I did not need a skin graft and it would heal on its own, but may take three months. I have since attended the Spalding hospital up to three times a week and it is now almost healed.

There is a lot of negative comment about the hospital, but I can only praise them for the care they have shown me, and not only with this injury. They provide a very good service and can save a lot of travelling to and from Boston or Peterborough, which can be very difficult and traumatic for anyone needing treatment.


Main Road

Deeping St Nicholas