LETTER: Issue is the effect more trains will have on town

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IN reply to Mr Mead’s letter ‘Town managed perfectly well with 30 trains a day’.

I researched Mr Mead’s contributions to the paper and clearly he is a railway enthusiast. He is obviously knowledgeable on trains but was his opinion objective?

My issue is not with the amount of trains, but the effect they will have with access in and out of town and the positioning of the proposed bypass.

The two days he mentions where 30 trains ran through Spalding due to track improvements was during a 13-hour period between 11am and midnight and that by my calculations is less than three an hour. With the extra four freight trains on top of the two we already have there will be six an hour. Saturdays were probably chosen because the volume of traffic would be less than on a weekday. An article was published on October 11, 2010 and apologies were made for the disruption and delays at level crossings.

My comment on crossings being closed potentially for a further 20 minutes due to freight trains was not plucked out of thin air, it was information given to me at a meeting with Lincolnshire Highways and the council. The 20 minutes can be further backed up by an article published on June 1, 2011, where William Webb, executive councillor for Highways, states that level crossings are closed for around five minutes.

I agree with Mr Mead that the phasing of the traffic lights add to problems but this is usually after the gates have been closed and traffic builds up on either side. I suggest that the only two occasions Mr Mead experienced delays, although he didn’t see the train for himself, it would have been the cause of the build up of traffic.

There is no doubt a solution is needed but are the proposed routes the answer? It’s my opinion that the positioning of proposed route is merely to satisfy the further development of Holland Park, with that part of the bypass to be funded by the developers (not another random comment, but facts given at the above mentioned meeting), rather than a well thought out conclusion to the problems the extra trains will bring.

The bigger picture needs to be looked at. The developers want the road, but will they foot the bill for a costly bridge over the railway?

Will people travel out of Spalding on the bypass to come back into Spalding on the Spalding Common Road which takes you to London Road which at times is also heavily congested?

I urge people to attend the public meetings at the Red Lion Quarter, tomorrow, from 3pm–7.30pm and Saturday, 10am–4.30pm; Pinchbeck Baptist Church Hall, Monday, 3.30pm-7.30pm; Deeping St Nicholas Village Hall, July 5, 3.30pm–7.30pm.

No Mr Mead, I am not a propagandist member of the road transport industry but a concerned resident who has lived here for most of my life.

I’ve given my name this time but are you any the wiser as to who I am?


Horseshoe Road