LETTER: How dare he complain about our Government?

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Regarding the story ‘Sick man goes on anti-Government hunger strike’, how dare he protest about our Government? It made by blood boil. What gives him the right to assume he is entitled to help?

He came to our country only two years ago, got a job and a roof over his head then decided he was too ill to work. He now expects the working public to look after him!

He has contributed little to our economy yet expects handouts because he’s ill. No doubt the 25 years of drug use contributed to this.

Why was he allowed into our country in the first place? He is draining our NHS resources when there are plenty of British citizens in need.

Let the Government take care of them, the people who have lived here, worked here all their lives, fought for this country and contributed to the economy.

He chose to take drugs, he chose to go on hunger strike, he chose our country no doubt assuming he would get handouts and sympathy.

Well, I do not feel sorry for him.

I’m sure in his own country it would be a different story. He wouldn’t get handouts but wouldn’t dare complain.


Low Fulney