LETTER: Could Stallone sort us out with some bread rolls please?

Sly 'The Deliverer' Stallone ANL-150626-131105001
Sly 'The Deliverer' Stallone ANL-150626-131105001
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As we are now getting over the fun, sweat and mental stress that is the Holbeach Town and Country Fayre, a quick word to say thank you for the Sylvester ‘build-up’ and his possible appearance for the cabbage hurling.

Alas, he did not appear – we blame the increasing workload as they have to be fresh in the shops – but there was one nugget that can be pencilled in under the heading of ‘They Maketh Thy Day’.

As we finished for another year, I was doing the usual of taking the release mechanisms out of the hurlers when a couple – possibly in their late 40s/early 50s – came across to ask about our Sly.

They were so looking forward to seeing him (gawd, not another ‘selfie’ request crossed the mind) – but no.

They would have liked to have seen him as one of their offspring is getting married in a few weeks’ time and thought they might be able to order a load of rolls and get a discount because he was ‘at the show’.

Had it not been for a passing steam engine-type owner wandering past and his eyebrows shot up on overhearing, I may well have questioned the strength of the tea they dispense in the catering tent ...

The cracking bit was that the hubby was willing to meet up with him and transfer the ‘rolls’ to his car to save him driving round to their place as they have a tight bend and his lorry might not fit, as a lorry nearly tore a fence down recently.

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