LETTER: Cinema? Supermarket? Call centre? Hollywood theme park?

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If I read correctly, Spalding could be the area to have a new multiplex cinema, as yet unnamed, a new supermarket, as yet unnamed, and also a call centre, as yet unnamed (Spalding Guardian, June 16).

The call centre intrigues me as it seems the idea came about by somebody connected with it, based in Nottingham, spotted in the Spalding Guardian that Spalding was ‘ripe’ for such a place and bearing in mind the distance between here and Nottingham, they did well to read about it.

Now, this call centre.

If it did come to Spalding, and hundreds are quoted in the story, would it bring its present staff with it?

If so, do they commute the 50-odd miles to work? Or do they move house?

And if they did, would they need schools for their (supposed) children and medical back up plus dentists?

Or would they camp out in tents along the A16 as the housing situation is not too clever at the moment.

But if they recruit locally, all well and good as jobs are scarce in the area as we all know.

All this seems at odds with the current trend over recent years with call centres being sent out to the Far East based on cost effective grounds, not 50 miles down the road as it were or do we have cheaper bottles of Tizer, bags of carrots and other kindred baubles to tempt the staff with?

Years ago, I was an office manager for a call centre, which served ‘blue chip’ companies and I must admit this, on the face of it, seems slightly too good to be true in that somebody is/was waiting in Nottingham for the word that Spalding was the place to go for, as what would they gain? Apart from the bottles of Tizer etc.

Much as I would love to see jobs and prosperity come to the area, I can see the council’s concerns about these ‘ventures’ as laid out so far.

To keep things in perspective, how about adding a Hollywood theme park to the roster of ‘interested parties’? I can just see the signs down the A17/A16 now – Welcome to the Peter Pan Theme Park, as to stick Never Never Land in the area wouldn’t seem out of place all things considered.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End