LETTER: Amazed story was given space in the paper

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Regarding the story ‘Sick man goes on anti-Government hunger strike’, I am amazed this story was given space in the newspaper.

What is the world coming to when a man who has lived in Britain a little over two years and is unable to speak English can protest the Government’s decision not to award benefits?

If the man in question had not spent so much money over 25 years contaminating his body with illegal substances, he would be healthy enough to work and might have a sum of money for emergencies?

He does not appear particularly undernourished and one questions where the prison-type uniform came from – purchased or from a bin bag along with his last meal?

He says that Britain is a nice place, but I suggest the last words are replaced with ‘soft touch’.

What a pity that somewhere on our planet we can’t discover an unchartered, uninhabitated island which could sustain life and perhaps we could revive the Botany Bay re-patriation programme.