Let’s just wait and see what’s proposed for Holland Market

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Regarding the recent proposals to redevelop Spalding’s Holland Market, I think it is a case of develop or die for the town.

If the developers get the design and balance right for the market town and it attracts the right big-name chains, the project will be a good foundation for the long-term future of the town centre.

With the proposals including improvements to the bus station service for the town I can see this being a big benefit for the town and the community.

If the town has more to offer people then shoppers will stay in the town longer and traders in all areas of the town will have a chance to capture the business from the increased footfall.

Currently, everything is in the early stages, so how can people protest against plans that they have not seen for this exciting vision for a town centre development for 2012 and beyond?

We cannot get away from the fact that the population of Spalding and the surrounding areas is growing. If the town has nothing to offer people they are bound to go elsewhere.

Look at the Springfields shopping outlet. I thought this had an impact on our town centre and Holland Market was built facing away from the town centre. We need a development that would encompass the rest of the town instead of a standalone area out of town.

Also, with the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field being included in these plans I would not like to see a green and pleasant land full of empty beer bottles and cans appear anywhere in our town.

Let’s wait and see the plans, then judge if the Holland Market owners have it right for all concerned.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road