Let’s go and worship Him together

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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: By Rev Nic Hasnip of Long Sutton Baptist Church

‘Worship’: a word that’s lost some of its original meaning, ie to do with ‘worth’. Although magistrates are addressed still as ‘Your Worship’, in other settings we think more of adoration, ie: we worship what is ‘worth’ adoring.

We’ll reach out or hope for many things around this time of year, eg presents, friendship, an easing of loneliness. However, one thing which we can give thought to, is our relationship with the God who loves us enough to have sent His Son, Jesus Christ, for us, Christmas being a celebration of His birth.

In amongst all that clamours for our attention, we ought to make time to come together for worship of our God, because of His love in the Lord Jesus for us.

If there is anything or anyone ‘worth’ adoring, in worship, then it’s Him. We were designed to worship. If we don’t worship the unseen God who loves and cares for us, we will worship something or someone else. Those other ‘gods’ often prove to be cruel and unsatisfying tyrants, but Jesus said of himself: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Let’s go and worship Him together?