Let’s get this right – for everyone in the town

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During the ‘forced’ closure of Swan Street due to roadworks prior to Christmas the residents and business owner there were asked by the highways authority if they wished the road to be closed on a permanent basis, or if they agreed to some form of limited access only.

The result of this fact finding was a return to the status quo (ie fully open) at the request of residents.

I now see the issue has been raised again, with the Spalding Town Forum seeming to be in agreement with a closure. They obviously haven’t consulted all of the residents they seem to represent.

The comments in your paper last week also suggested that the traffic had been more free flowing in Station Approach during the Swan Street closure and felt that was a good reason to return to a closure.

Well, as the lights in Station Approach were permanently on green that was only stating the obvious.

What wasn’t pointed out in the article was that this was at the cost of the traffic flow in Winfrey Avenue, where at peak times the greater traffic levels being forced to take this route led to cars and buses stretched from the Kings Road junction back past the entrance to Holland Market – causing greater traffic congestion for all.

In addition to the question of Swan Street access there is also the current issue of a revamp of the Holland Market site, the bus station and Winfrey Avenue area.

Now, it may be obvious that I favour Swan Street remaining open to traffic but, that aside, can we look at the whole area and take into account any possible changes before we agree/disagree with a closure of just one of the roads?

The views of residents, shoppers and road users need to be considered, together with those of groups such as Spalding Chamber of Commerce and the cycle action group.

How many times have we made decisions in this town that may appear to be good for one small area, for this to not fit the next planned change and we then spend time and money reversing the process?

Let’s stop and think now, and let’s get this right for the town in general, not just for those who shout the loudest.

Anthony Howling

Fun Junction Toy Shop,

Swan Street