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Thought For The Week

The story goes that a Martian landed somewhere not a hundred miles from Spalding, spotted all the churches, and asked a passerby: “If churchgoers all worship the same God, why different churches?” It’s a fair question.

The World Council of Churches some years ago thought the same way; they declared ‘churches should act together in all matters except for those in which differences of conviction compel them to act separately’. Yes, there would probably be a few sticking points, but much of the time surely they should be able to do things together.

Of course that could produce a massive agenda, so another wise council has pointed out that ‘there is no virtue in churches doing things together which they ought not to be doing anyway’. Does it not make sense to stand back every so often and ask whether what we, as a church or as individuals, are doing is really necessary or appropriate for us right now? We could well lighten up and make space for better things. And there are people out there who could help.

A third piece of advice is that ‘churches should not do on their own what they can do with the community’ – that could include other charities or faith groups, statutory bodies or just the mass of folk who may not want to join your church, but are willing to lend a hand with worthwhile activities. Let’s work together; that would please God.

Roger Seal

Spalding Quaker Meeting