LEGION CLOSURE: Sutton Bridge residents ready for a fight

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Here we go again. Not content with dumping power stations, incinerators, travellers’ sites and wind turbines on Sutton Bridge and after losing our banks, youth club, and threatening our libraries, digging up the Wash – a ‘highly protected’ area – to lay cables for hundreds more turbines.

We are now told that our Royal British Legion will be closing at the end of this month – another great facility hits the dust.

Is it true that the committee have been told they can not buy the property?

We all know how hard the members of Legion club have worked to keep this asset running and for no renumeration, just dedication and hard work.

The youth club building has recently been demolished. If the Legion building was to be bull dozed , what a wonderful piece of HOUSING land!

We should ask ourselves who is behind this?

Get ready for a fight – the residents of Sutton Bridge have had enough.

‘We’ will remember them!

Couns Jenny Rowe and Shirley Giles