Leader speaks out over Holland Market and his plans to beat fuel strikers

Council leader Gary Porter.
Council leader Gary Porter.
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I would like to reply to a couple of letters in last week’s Lincolnshire Free Press.

In response to the Civic Society’s question about some of the bad decisions previous councils have made regarding the town centre, I believe that the district’s tax payers should never have been denied free access to the field that was left for them to enjoy.

I believe that the bus station should have been situated as close to the centre of town as it could have been rather than on the edge of centre and I believe that when the cattle market was redeveloped the council should have insisted that it faced into the rest of the town rather than backing onto it as it does now.

I also believe that any plans to re-develop the Holland Market site should see solutions to these failings or else it shouldn’t get the council’s backing.

In response to Mr A Coward (“Lorry Driver of 30 Years”), yes I do think you can just go out and hire petrol tankers.

There were a number of companies from the West Midlands who contacted me with offers of daily, weekly and monthly hires.

And in reply to his misguided comments about the highly-skilled drivers we already employ, I am happy to let him know that it would take less than two days of additional training for any of them who volunteered to do it.

COUN Gary Porter

Leader, South Holland

District Council