Latest scheme reminds me of ‘fantasy plans’

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REGARDING the front page story relating to the proposed plans for the Holland Market development.

It has a ring about the plans as it smacks a bit of the supposed, fantasy plans as slung on the unsuspecting public by Sustainable Spalding as presided over by Richard Garvie, who seems to have been quiet of late, although may be working on other great and wonderful mind-numbing projects he will unleash upon us soon.

But with this current project there is no mention of a box full of multi-plex cinemas panting to set up shop as outlined by Mr Garvie but with no tangible names quoted as being the normal Sustainable Spalding ethos, so this time round it might be genuine and perhaps we should sit back and see what happens.

Bearing in mind that the same Mr Garvie conducted a ‘survey’ of 3,300 local residents (or so he claimed) so perhaps data from that survey might help in this project as I note that public feedback is being sought in this instance and this should save a few bob in production costs and I assume he has now handed the data over to Mr Porter as he promised, with whom he had a meeting of minds with not so long ago.

As last year slowly drew to an end with all its calamities from daft ideas to white elephants, I sincerely hoped that Spalding has better luck for 2012 in all matters relating to the town as it does not need another year like this one.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End