Keep fighting the closure of our local care homes

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TO the campaigners of the Chappell Centre and Cedar House, please keep fighting and do not give up.

As a member of staff at the recently closed Halmer Grange, we and the service users were very badly treated and let down by Lincolnshire County Council.

We were consulted, but not listened to, petitions and alternatives were raised and suggested but were all ignored.

We think the decision to close the home was already made months before we were initially told.

We were also told a new dementia unit would be opened before Halmer Grange was closed. Where is it?

I now work in a new day care centre and we have a number of people struggling to find respite care that they can book in advance.

I urge the people of Spalding to support the Chappell Centre and Cedar House. These two amazing places must remain open for the people of the local area for whom there is no alternative.

Keep fighting. I hope you have more success than we did.


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