KART REQUEST: Searching for a Greyhound kart from 80s

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I wonder if one of your readers can help us?

For quite some while my son and I have been looking for a mid-1980s DAP Greyhound kart. These were made in Italy and were sold here in the UK by John Mills Racing, who were based in Worksop at the time.

Given the proximity of the distributors we think that it is quite likely that at least a few were sold in the Spalding area and hence one of your readers might have a Greyhound kart still tucked away in the garage or a shed.

We would love to be able to buy one and give it a new lease of life over the winter ready to be demonstrated during 2014.

We can be contacted on 01780 755418 or at jerry@jer rythurston.co.uk

Jerry and Ed Thurston