Just ask Jesus and he can help you

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Thought For The Week

One thing that saddens me is to see such anger in people’s faces and hear the anger in their voices when things do not go their way. Anger is such a destructive emotion, not just because it brings hurt to others but also for the person who carries this anger.

Just last week I was confronted with this type of anger when a man opened his car door onto my car wing, causing minor damage fortunately. I politely drew his attention to this, expecting a simple “sorry mate,” as this would have sufficed.

What I received was a tirade of verbal abuse spoken with such anger. Whilst his lips spoke, the anger came from deep within. It is true that “hurt people, hurt people”.

I was truly saddened by the state of this man’s heart.

Jesus is the restorer of broken lives, the healer of our hurts and sadness.

In one moment of time he can heal the broken hearted, the angry, the confused and the hurt. He can set you free.

All that an individual needs to do is simply pray and ask Him to help you.

In Isaiah 9:6, it says “that Jesus is called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God and the Prince of Peace.”

When I invited this Jesus into my life I found Him to be real and everything He says He is.

He has given me back my life, and His gift of love, forgiveness and peace. If He can do this for me, he can and will do it for you. Just ask!

Pastor Chas Sandhu

The Lighthouse Church