JUNCTION: I’ve asked MP to help make this road safer

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There has been much discussion within our village (Gedney Hill) about the junction that has been detailed in my letter to the MP (see below).

I know many don’t like it, and visitors to this area find it confusing. On my travels home today there was new glass on the road again (a regular occurrence).

I have come across many accidents (11 in total) at this site and that must be a fraction of the accidents that have occurred there. I am trying to get this junction improved before somebody dies. For all I know this may have already happened.

The letter reads: I am writing to express my concern about the dangerous junction that exists between the A16, James Road and the B1166.

I have witnessed the aftermath of 11 accidents at this junction just travelling to and from work.

On many occasions these accidents have required the assistance of ambulance or police officers, and these are just the ones I have personally encountered since this road junction opened.

Local opinion when this junction was constructed was that it would be dangerous, and I believe that this has been borne out.

People are forced to cross the path of these cars to try to go straight ahead from the junction.

The first time I used this junction I was confused about where I was supposed to position my car, and I have heard people complaining about this junction in the local shops.

It is just a matter of time before this junction configuration results in a fatality. The other end of Crowland has a roundabout which is much safer. Would you please see what can be done to make this road safer for everyone.

Karen Pumfrey

Gedney Hill