Jubilee apathy reigned supreme

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I am writing to say how disappointed I am with South Holland District Council for not organising anything for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

To say that Spalding was too big is a poor excuse and I am sure that things could have been done which didn’t cost too much.

The parade could have been delayed until this weekend. Or maybe a few stalls and entertainment could have been organised for the afternoon and evening when the beacon was lit. Or even a picnic with music in Ayscoughfee.

It’s a one-off event which could have brought people together to celebrate a great day. In this time of recession there is little to be positive about and we had a great opportunity to celebrate.

I remember the Silver Jubilee as a child and the atmosphere and unity that it created was brilliant.

But as far as the Diamond Jubilee, it happened and unless you had television and watched the celebrations you could be forgiven for not believing anything happened here in Spalding.

I congratulate the various villages that spent a lot of time and energy organising events and bringing their communities together. I expect a lot of people had a great time.

As far as SHDC is concerned, apathy reigns. Certainly doesn’t feel anything to be proud of. Maybe it’s a sign of the times but I truly hope not.


Wygate Road