Jobs for the boys

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First, I believe we should thanks to the Lincolnshire Free Press for allowing prospective police commissioners space to tell us their plans.

But oh! How the ruling classes have got one over on us. Soon our police will be directed by one of these commissioners, yet another layer of government, and jobs for the boys.

Few independent individuals can afford to stand for election, because of the £5,000 deposit required.

Only the wealthy Conservative, Liberal, and Labours trade unions can put up the deposit for a candidate. Individuals will have to pay for it out of their pocket.

But do we want another layer of government? We have six already: European Union, parliament, county, district, town and parish – how many more do we want to spend our hard-earned cash.

And couldn’t a consortium of appointed councillors from district councils direct our county police?

Only local councillors know local requirements. Our police county covers an area of 2,284 square miles.

How can a single commissioner know what’s best for the people of Crowland, and those of Gainsborough?

For me it’s not about policing, just jobs for the boys, and my vote is going to be a NO vote, to show my dislike of the ruling classes.

Peter Bird