It would be ‘wheely’ great if you supported special day

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Having got back on the road as a two wheel commuter recently by purchasing a classic Lambretta to enjoy the summer months with and mixing pleasure with trips to work, I will be embracing the National Ride To Work Day in the UK on Monday, June 18.

Being a four wheel driver and a two wheel rider I do appreciate the advantage of two wheelers over four and I think it is important to show a co-ordinated display of support for the National Ride To Work Day up and down the country.

Imagine if everyone who owns a scooter or motorbike were able to ride to work on that one day, not only would car drivers see the advantages a two wheeler has when it comes to filtering through heavy traffic and parking upon arrival, but if all riders left cars or public transport behind for a day, then there is a good chance that their own journey would be improved as a result.

The more people we get on our side – even if it’s car drivers who understand that more two wheels on the road means less traffic for them to sit and not getting too frustrated with the delays – the better it is for the two-wheeled commuter.

Politicians seem to be legislating ever more against those of us who ride, despite it being an obvious solution to their under-funded public transport and congested roads. So put this into context, when the Third Driving Licence Directive is introduced in 2013, the age limit for a HGV Class 1 licence will be reduced from 24 to 18 years old.

However, the minimum age limit for someone to take their direct access motorcycle licence to ride a bike of any size is increased to 24 years old. How is it safer to be in charge of 44 tonnes in a town centre at 18 years old than a motorcycle at 24 years old?

Answers in a letter to your local MP please.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road