It’s time the public were given the chance to see redevelopment plans

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I was interested and supportive of the Spalding 2012 town centre redevelopment project when it was announced last year, but I am concerned that things have gone very quite recently.

I do understand there was some controversy over the green space that would be provided, if and when the football facility in Winfrey Avenue is moved out of town. I do realize these projects do not happen overnight, but I think it is time the public were given the chance to see the plans for themselves.

Should we be more realistic and rename the project 2015.

I am sure as time goes by the costs must be mounting up and the end product will be even harder to deliver.

Spalding has to provide good facilities for people, if not they go elsewhere and this would be a great loss to the local economy of the town.

The Holland Market retail units were built facing away from the town – this was a big mistake in the original development.

Also the bus station could be located opposite the railway station and then Sainsbury’s receive like for like space back for car parking.

To relocate the bus station into Swan Street would cause too much congestion. The development needs to encompass the entrance into the High Street activity of the town centre.

As the year goes by project 2012 will soon be out of date before it has been launched and I would not like to see the developers get tired of waiting for the authorities to give approval of the scheme and go else where.

A great opportunity for the future development of our market town would have been missed.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road