It’s time Spalding people woke up and voted for a new Government

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I write to support Alan Long’s view in last week’s Guardian that “successive governments are to blame for the social problems in Spalding”.

I’m quite certain both the Lincolnshire Police and employed officers of South Holland District Council (I’m not referring to elected councillors) are doing their best to reduce the problems residents have to put up with.

They have to work to laws and policies made by central government (currently Conservative and Lib Dems), who do not want to change the existing laws and policies, nor let you have control of these laws and policies.

Therefore, I believe these problems will not go away until a new party is in power, one interested in amending the law to give district councils the power to vary these laws and policies through elected local councillors.

It’s all very well MP John Hayes saying he’ll report to Parliament on these matters, but he’s fooling you, and the rest of the electorate if you believe he’ll really force some change, for he is the local representative, and member of the party (Conservative) who don’t want any changes on these matters.

Spalding people should wake up to the fact they must vote for a change of party and MP to get the laws changed, and should vote for a party interested in giving local people more power.

Peter Bird

East Street