It’s just lip service

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When facilities are designed for disabled wheelchair users, I wonder how often they are tested by people who have to spend their days in a wheelchair.

I recently used the disabled toilet in Morrison’s and as is often the case, it had not been flushed.

This is far from always down to other users being unsociable, but because of the layout of the facility.

The manager was not available to discuss the matter and the member of staff I did speak to showed little interest in my concerns and suggestion, saying my suggestion is not possible and that the facilities have been passed as satisfactory.

I don’t doubt that the toilet is acceptable in theory, but in practice, it is not possible to manoeuvre a wheelchair to the side where the handle is positioned and leaning over from the other side is not possible for all users.

This leaves users, who value their independence, no option but to leave without flushing.

The answer seems to be simple, to move the flush handle to the side of that toilet that is easily accessible to all wheelchair users.

However, as I am told by Morrison’s that is not possible and I am not an expert, I wonder is there is a plumber out there who could take a look and offer a suggestion that could solve the problem.

I have been in a wheelchair for 19 years and whilst attitudes to disable people generally have improved, there are times when I feel that were are being paid lip service, without any real attention to our needs.

Tom Redden