It all starts with self respect

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After reading Tracy Sweetland’s report in the Lincolnshire Free Press on Tuesday, August 6, reference to the scourge of spitting in our streets of Spalding.

I feel this totally disgusting habit should have been dealt with long ago, but I support the initiative by our councillors to introduce a by-law in order to rid our streets of this filthy habit.

Also the report mentions the Borough of Enfield in North London where the local authorities have applied to the Secretary of State for provisional approval of such an order.

I have family living in Enfield and believe me it is a nice place to live, being surprisingly quite for a London Borough and I have made regular visits down there and feel very safe walking the streets, day or night.

Firstly, I think people should be made to clean the filth up and an on the spot fine of £100 be imposed, the only problem here is how do we police this situation as the cuts have seen the police service handcuffed themselves and the presence in town is down to the thin blue line approach.

Secondly, I welcome the Lincolnshire Police Alert Scheme, where members of the public are emailed or texted with the latest crime reports and warnings of what to look out for.

We can always send a message via this service, but people are looking for a quicker response time and spitting in the street will not be high on the police priority list for taking any action because of resources already being stretched.

We do understand A&E and more serious crime has to come first, but would South Holland District Council, have any resources to police the town centre to enforce an anti spitting by-law? I doubt this very much.

The route cause is people, how they have been brought up perhaps and the total disrespect they have for our town and other people around them.

Start by having some self respect, it does not look cool to spit, it is an insult to our streets and the town.

So if the cap fits, be ashamed and clean up your act.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road, Spalding