Is the church morally right?

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According to the prime minister, “in some cases tax avoidance is morally wrong”.

I wonder if he’d also like to consider a local predicament: I refer specifically to the Church of England here in Pinchbeck that by way of the Closed Cemetary Act regularly imposes on taxpayers the necessity to pay for repairs to its church wall.

It seems to me we have a church in Pinchbeck that is not only charity-registered for tax purposes (ie state subsidised) but at the same time is part of an organisation that is arguably the biggest and wealthiest landowner in England.

Two questions:

1. Is it morally right for any institution to exploit the current tax system in any way that may harm others (via welfare cuts, hospital funding etc)?

2. If so, is it then morally right that hard-pressed taxpayers should continue to be the first call when these institutions look for their so frequent voluntary contributions?


Wimberley Way