Is no waiting at tip part of closure plan?

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Re. queuing at Spalding Household Waste Recycling Centre.

There are now signs at the side of the road saying “No Waiting”! Obviously somebody had a Homer Simpson moment.

I don’t know whether this was from Roger Gambba-Jones’ department or not, but it has the smell of local council about it.

Now not only have the hours at the tip been shortened but the potential throughput has been considerably reduced.

I usually bring four or five builder’s sand sacks a week full of grass to the tip for disposal.

Having made the 20-minute trip it will be most frustrating to not be allowed to wait to dump my load. A wasted trip plus the petrol costs. And I still won’t know when I can dispose of my cuttings.

So I will have to look for an alternative method of getting rid of my garden waste. Luckily I haven’t any washing machines, rubble or old mattresses to get rid of.

Perhaps this is all part of a cunning plan. Make it more and more difficult to dispose of your waste and when the tip is finally closed down no one will notice!

Howard Huett

Northons Lane