Is newspaper omitting issues concerning foreign ‘visitors’?

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I am writing as I feel a great deal of issues concerning our foreign “visitors” are being omitted from our local paper.

Nothing has been published concerning the de-breasted swans on the river banks or the attacks on lone young men by gangs of foreigners.

Or the abuse of women in public houses (foreign men laying on the floors of pubs endeavouring to take pictures up women’s skirts), the local employment agencies that will not employ English etc etc etc.

Answer me this please: “Has there been a decision made locally to keep this information from local people?”

I appreciate that some foreign nationals have decided to successfully make Spalding their home, but so may others seem to think they are allowed to take over our town.

I would value your and your readers’ input on these and many other issues.

Alison Holt

Edinburgh Drive


EDITOR: There has been no decision made to keep such information from readers.

Certain events have been reported in court cases but, in the same way that we must not assume the swans are the victims of foreigners, we also cannot report on rumours and hearsay.