Is Mr Garvie coming back? Oh no he isn’t!

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I note that Screwfix is opening a branch in Wardentree Lane in Pinchbeck tomorrow.

It’s refreshing to see a national company actually opening up in the area, be it DIY offerings.

In realistic terms, it’s hard to imagine they have probably opened up without consulting our very own local conglomerate and commerce guru Richard Garvie, he of Sustainable Spalding, who seems to have been quiet of late since his last mega plan was announced months ago for the multiplex cinema, supermarket, drive through porridge ranch and sporran dry cleaning centre that so many people have requested – allegedly.

Call me old fashioned but I missed the public consolation process involving the now famous (seemingly invisible) 3,300 local residents that were selected/pulled from thin air/whatever he quoted to give their views and aspirations.

Quite frankly, I miss all that euphoria that Mr Garvie spouted forth with and I wonder if Screwfix’s arrival might trigger another proclamation from Mr Garvie because as winter is not far off and ideas for a pantomime might be handy at this time – altogether now boys and girls: “Oh yes they are!”

John Ward

Moulton Seas End