Is it any wonder Red Lion Quarter is failing? People don’t even know where it is

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The Red Lion Quarter sadly is in the press for all the wrong reasons again.

For a centre with the initial premise of ‘highlighting local produce’, the idea or rather novelty has sunk even further.

Oddly in the same edition on pages 18 and 19, Spalding Farm Shop is making a go of it in trying to use local-grown produce where possible and is going from strength to strength although they have been going longer and run it as a business rather than a bit of ‘empire building’ by those who saw something we mere peasants could not.

“Do please pass me the rose-tinted glasses, Horace.”

We have seen people looking for it walk past it not knowing it was there as there is no imposing frontage to it and it is not even sign-posted, although the public toilets and car parks are.

I am all for supporting local produce where possible but the other week in assorted supermarkets in the area we had tomatoes from Spain, onions from Holland, mushrooms from Ireland – the list is endless but as another shopper said: “You need to get an atlas out nowadays to find out where your carrots or sprouts might have come from.” Indeed.

Perhaps now it might be the time for ripping the Red Lion Quarter out and putting a multiplex cinema in.

We all want that, or rather we are told we must have it, by one budding part-time entrepreneur.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End