Is Holbeach Parish Council fit for purpose?

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I am writing to offer my full support to Geoff Carter following his letter to the Guardian printed last week.

I wonder just what planet Holbeach Parish Council is on as in the last year the Guardian has reported on:

nVarious staffing issues that have never been properly explained;

nProblems with the ongoing maintenance of the parish council office – currently swathed in scaffolding;

nDifficulties with the Holbeach in Bloom committee.

Now we are faced with an increase in the parish precept of seven per cent to pay for an increase in the new clerk’s wages.

Perhaps the current chairman will use your publication to explain the business case for this increase at a time when central government is recommending restraint and a freeze on councils.

Does the parish office need to go from three days to five days opening? An explanation is required so those who are being asked to pay can understand the reasons why the change now.

Surely the money would be better allocated towards the salary of a town centre manager to support the retail businesses in the town.

This is a far more productive use of the money and supported by the Holbeach Business Forum.

Perhaps it is time for South Holland District Council to ask the question: “Is Holbeach Parish Council fit for purpose?”

Lawrence Fowler