INNER WHEEL: Not a branch of the Rotary

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As Secretary of the Inner Wheel Club of Spalding, I was pleased to see a picture of the presentation of a garden trolley from our club to the Priory School in Spalding (Lincs Free Press March 18).

However I was disappointed to see that the caption accompanying the photo was not accurate.

The Inner Wheel organisation was started in 1924 by wives of Rotarians and is now one of the largest women’s service organisations in the world with over 100,000 members from 103 countries.

It is a stand alone organisation and is not a “branch of the Rotary “Society” for female members”. We are committed to humanitarian aid through fundraising and friendship and welcome ladies with or without Rotary connections who are committed to our ideals.

This year Inner Wheel is celebrating its 90th birthday and by way of celebration, each club was asked to give a present to a good cause in their community, specifically a present with wheels.

We chose to buy the garden trolley for the Priory School and we hope the children will find it a useful addition to their horticultural unit.

Linda Walters

via email